Pricing & Packages

Our mission is to work alongside schools to support the delivery of outstanding personal development for young people. If you are interested in joining our community, please get in touch!

Attendance Tracking
Track and analyse co-curricular attendance.
£1500 per year for whole school
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Student Baseline
Strategy & Planning
Understand your students' needs and create an effective plan.
Pilot from £300 per year group
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For schools who want to demonstrate the impact of their Personal Development programme through Personal Development data.

Our most popular programme!
Pilot from £1500 per school
Ranges from £3-7k per school
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Trusts & Regions
Align and improve student outcomes across the trust.
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Live PD Data Dashboard
Attendance Reporting
Creating a PD Strategy
Network Practice Sharing
PD Audit & Ofsted Prep.
Impact Assessment
A gradual implementation programme of Assess / Achieve depending on where schools are at with their Personal Development work.

MATs receive...
  • Trust-level dashboards of all domains of student development showing where progress is being made and where support is needed
  • Support at trust level to develop an evidence-based strategy to improve Personal Development.
Tracking Co-curricular
Track student engagement with your co-curricular provision across your whole school and target specific students for intervention.
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  • Weekly attendance tracking
  • Breakdown of engagement by year group, student group (male/female/SEN/PP etc.) and form group
  • Attendance trends by year groups
  • Lists of students not engaging.
£1500 / school
£900 / one key stage
£900 / school for 5+ schools
Pilot Aspire as part of a Working Group
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...per term for one year group to trial the programme, no onward obligations.
** Note: Attendance required at a working group session to discuss use of data
  • A chance to trial Aspirations data and connect with other schools to hear how they are using data to support their Personal Development offering
  • Run a free full assessment with a chosen year group
  • Attend a practice sharing session with other schools to discuss your data and learn how other schools are creating PD initiatives based on their own data.
Pilot Achieve for one Key Stage
Discover how it works
£1500 - £2500
Typical cost depending on school size, one key stage for three terms.
**SLT presence required during setup
  • Tracking student engagement
  • Through- year support from the East Learning Team with resources, communication and planning packs, and access to a community of best practice
  • Feedback from students on how effective the support has been, culminating in end of year impact reports, and a digital record of achievement for every student.