Our Values, Mission & Vision

There is a significant gap in development opportunities for young people throughout the UK. This results in poor education outcomes for both individuals, and wider society.


...of people aged 16-24 are NEET.

(Not in Education or Employment)
(ONS, February 2022)


...of secondary school students are not confident on their next steps in education and training.

2 in 5

...state school students report not having taken part in careers activities, compared to 1 in 5 at private schools.

Who We Are

East Learning is a Community Interest Company (CIC). That means we are a social enterprise, legally bound to reinvest all our income to drive better outcomes for young people.

Our Vision

For all young people to know that they are heading towards a brighter future (and for the rest of us to know we are making it happen!)

Our Mission
  • Creating consistency in defining & measuring the outcomes that matter to young people (beyond their grades)
  • Supporting students, schools and those around them to inform their decisions with that data
  • Setting up a community of improvement at the relevant levels to provide an effective network of support.
Did you know?

There is 30% less participation in extra-curricular activities for children from low-income families (Sutton Trust).

our purpose
Why we're here

How can we support a students’ wellbeing if we don’t know whether they regularly get enough sleep or how they feel about how they look?

What difference does it make to a students’ communication skills if they have the opportunity to take part in debate club or an active student leadership team?

Our Solution
We know these things are important, yet we are unable to define what the current situation looks like or determine ‘what works’ when it comes to providing support.
our method
How we are going about it

Our founder, Matt Lees describing our approach.