Privacy Policy

We undertake that once an individual has agreed to subscribe to the East Learning Platform we will:

1. Hold an individual’s data confidentially and securely (subject to our Data Security and Encryption Policy)

It’s important that you know that by sharing your data we have a responsibility to highlight as part of our duty of care anything that is believed by either East Learning or your School to be a risk to your safety or wellbeing to a designated individual in your school who is responsible for handling such information, and for them to take appropriate action.

2. Never use an individual’s data for purposes other than the company’s core service.

East Learning's core business is improving outcomes for students, and that we will limit as far as practicable (without conflicting with our ability to carry out our core purpose) holding any data that would personally identify you. Should you request that we remove your personal data  in accordance with our responsibilities under GDPR (see also our GDPR Statement), we will do so. We will never sell your data for profit, but may use anonymised data - including patterns and trends - to positively influence our education system.



In accordance with our review of responsibilities under GDPR we undertake to:

1. Show you what we’ve got!

We will release any data we hold on any individual who requests it to them - subject to their ability to verify their identity - under our Subject Access Request Policy

2. Only collect what we need to make a difference.

We conduct an annual review of all data collected and will iteratively seek to refine the data collected – to make sure we only collect what we need to support the development of students. This includes supporting students individually, as part of a school group, or more broadly by providing a necessary input to analyse developmental programmes and their impact.


Matthew Lees


East Learning CIC

29 August 2019

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