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Working together
to drive change

The Aspirations approach and data — coupled with ongoing efforts by teachers and school leaders to support their students — have driven some incredible results.


Our impact

We measure our impact in two ways: how much we help schools and colleges improve their offer and processes using student data, and how much those changes improve student outcomes.


Impact for students

Aspirations exists to improve outcomes for young people—so while we call this our ‘indirect’ impact, at the end of the day it is all that really matters to both us and our partner schools and colleges.

Aside from the obvious benefits of having their own personal development plans, we have seen:

  • Increased participation in school/college activities

  • Increased engagement more generally (demonstrated by drops in absenteeism and disciplinary events, pre-Covid)

  • Improved destinations profiles for sixth form college leavers (more university places, more Russell Group places, more STEM subjects studied, more variety in subjects)

  • Increased self-confidence and optimism about the future

Case study: Salford City Academy (KS3-4)

Salford City Academy have used Aspirations to completely rethink their approach to student development, with exceptional results.


Drop in absenteeism


Fewer exclusions


Reduction in NEET


Higher after-school club participation

Data captured from the students has been used to:

  • Create an extensive programme of clubs and activities for students, based entirely on their interests and requests. Encouraging participation was a  challenge to start—it wasn't the 'norm' for many—but it's now a part of school culture, with two-third regularly attending after school clubs after just one year 

  • Plan targeted “Aspire Days” each term, combining trips, visits, careers fairs and other enrichment activities

  • Ensure every student gets the individual support they need. For example, data showed 135 disadvantaged students had never had a 'proper' conversation about their future—so the school arranged for all of them to have 1:1 career support with a trained advisor


You can see what Aspire means to Salford’s students in the video—although their results  speak for themselves!

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