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Resource Spotlight: Part 3

Our Resource Spotlight is available to teachers as we know it can be difficult and time consuming to find helpful resources. We aim to showcase resources that are beneficial in continuing your amazing support for your students that have left school. All the selected resources have been chosen from our carefully curated library of 621 online resources and school activities that are made available to students through our Aspirations Programme.

This blog is all about the third round of our Resource Spotlight. This time around, the themes we have focussed on are ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Plan Priority’ (the areas of personal development that students have chosen as a priority). The links for all the resources are listed at the end of this post.

Knowledge Resources

‘Physical Exercise’ – Anna Freud Centre.

50% of 11,298 students want to know more about staying healthy based on our data. This resource is written by young people, for young people, and it explains how exercise can be beneficial to both your mental and emotional wellbeing. It also contains a video created by a mental health campaigner to engage your students in this topic, making it a perfect resource for those students wanting to learn more about staying healthy.

‘8 Ways to Stay Safe Online’ – Barclays Life Skills.

From our data, we know that 42% of 11,298 students want to know more about digital life. With digital life continuously becoming more important in everyone’s lives, we have selected this resource from Barclays Life Skills. It offers 8 tips for students looking to know more about online safety. It also contains some very impactful videos that would be excellent for assisting you in supporting your students that want to learn more about this topic.

‘Your Money Matters’ - Young Enterprise.

Based on 11,298 responses, 63% of 11,298 students want to know more about managing their finances. This spotlighted resource is an online textbook that teaches students everything they need to know about managing their finances, from saving and borrowing, to security and fraud. This is a great resource as the online textbook format allows students to download it and keep it on their devices to use at any time.

‘Gapminder’ – Gapminder Foundation.

The Aspirations Programme provides data on topics that students want to know more about. Our data has shown us that 48% of students want to know more about the environment. That is why we selected this resource from the Gapminder Foundation. It gives your students the opportunity to learn about important issues and statistics such as climate change and plastic in oceans through engaging videos and games.

Plan Priority Resources

‘How To Ask Employers for Work Experience’ – Graduate Prospects Ltd.

This resource provides important information and tips for your students looking for work experience. We selected this resource as we know 22% of 6,609 students said work experience was a top-5 priority focus area. Work experience can be difficult for students to find due to not all opportunities being advertised. This article outlines how to approach an employer and ask for work experience, making it an excellent resource for your students.

‘Things You Should Know Before Starting College’ – The Student Room.

Our data shows that 18% of the students we asked said college (full time) was a top-5 priority focus area for the term. This resource from The Student Room, is great for supporting students who are choosing college as a next step. The article breaks down some of the biggest differences between school and college, allowing your students to have a good understanding ahead of starting.

‘UCAS-University’ – UCAS.

We know that 21% of 6,609 students said university was a top-5 priority focus area for the term. Next steps after school can be daunting for students and this resource from UCAS is amazing for helping your students to explore what and where to study if university is something they are considering. It also provides information on financing, finding students accommodation, key dates and what happens after you apply.

‘Careers in Sports’ – GTI Media.

Our data shows that 21% of the 6,609 students we asked said that a career in sport, health and fitness was a top-5 priority focus area for the year. This resource from GTI Media is our last spotlighted resource. It is an excellent resource offering your students information about the possible career paths in sport, health and fitness. It also explains what the different roles involve and what students need to do in order to get a job in the area they’re interested in.

Resource Links

· ‘Physical Exercise’ – Anna Freud Centre:

· ‘8 Ways to Stay Safe Online’ – Barclays Life Skills:

· ‘Your Money Matters – Young Enterprise:

· ‘Gapminder’ – Gapminder Foundation:

· ‘How To Ask Employers for Work Experience’ – Graduate Prospects Ltd:

· ‘Things You Should Know Before Starting College’ – The Student Room:

· ‘UCAS-University’ – UCAS:

· ‘Careers in Sports’ – GTI Media:

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