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Resource Spotlight: Part 2

This post is all about the second round of our Resource Spotlight. The Resource Spotlight has been created as a way of sharing resources with you that we believe will be beneficial in continuing your amazing supportfor your Year 11 and Year 13 students that have left school. All the chosen resources have been taken from the 621 online resources and school activities that are made available to students through our Aspirations Programme. These resources are based on ‘Post-school Destinations’ and ‘Characteristics’. The links for all the resources are listed at the end of this post.

Year 11 Post-school Destinations Resources

‘I Want To Choose My Next Steps’ – Barclays PLC.

Our data shows that only 45% of the Year 11 students we asked are ‘very’ excited about their future. This content from Barclays is fantastic in supporting students in this area as it contains lots of different resources such as the ‘Wheel of strengths: Which career is right for me’, ‘getting the most out of career events’ and many more. This is ideal for assisting you in continuing the support for your students exploring their post-school destinations.

‘Career Corner’ – National Literacy Trust.

We have selected this resource after finding only 63% of Year 11s have had a conversation about their future with an adult. This can be shared with your students to compliment your conversations to give them lots of great information on different careers that they may want to learn more about. Some of the career topics include gaming, law and financial banking. It also contains information on employability, which is great for helping you to encourage students to boost the skills they will need for their next steps.

Year 11 Characteristics Resources

‘Calm Zone’ – Childline.

Our Aspirations Programme also provides data on specific characteristics students want to improve the most. We found that 81% of 11,313 students want to improve their calmness, which is why we selected this resource. It contains activities and tools such as breathing exercises, games and videos to help students reduce stress and feel calmer.

‘What Does Your Future Look Like’ – West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Based on 11,313 responses, 72% of students want to improve their ambition. This resource is great for building ambition as it provides students with information on different career paths that they may not have considered previously. Students can also benefit from advice from people that have first-hand experience in different careers, which is a great way to get students excited and informed about their future options.

Year 13 Post-school Destinations Resources

‘The Big Guide to CV Writing’- GTI Media.

We found that only 45% of key stage 5 students have researched the industries they’re interested in. We believe this resource from GTI media is great for helping to further inform your Year 13s on their post-school destinations. The resource provides a step-by-step guide on CV writing and provides CV advice for different graduate professions, so your students can gain an understanding of CVs and how to tailor them to different industries.

The Uni Guide’ – The Student Room.

It was amazing to see from our data that 74% of the 12,364 students we asked want to go to university. This guide from The Student Room provides students with information on many different aspects of university such as understanding the degrees on offer, grade requirements, and applying and preparing for university. It also covers many other topics such as halls/residence and clearing, making it a great resource for supporting your Year 13 students that are interested in going to university.

Year 13 Characteristics Resources

‘Goal Setting’ – Anna Freud Centre.

75% of 11,313 students we asked want to improve their persistence. This resource, written by young people for young people, shows how goal setting each day can help you feel happier and more organised. It also contains a video explaining the advantages of goal setting to further support those students who are committed to improving their persistence.

‘Build Your Self Management Skills’ – Youth Employment CIC.

The final chosen resource is all about how students can boost their initiative, organisational skills and accountability. 73% of 11,313 students want to improve their organisational skills and this resource provides tips for building organisational skills in both school and in the workplace.

Resource Links

· ‘I Want To Choose My Next Steps’ – Barclays PLC:

· ‘Career Corner’ – National Literacy Trust:

· ‘Calm Zone’ – Childline:

· ‘What Does Your Future Look Like’ – West Yorkshire Combined Authority:

· ‘The Big Guide to CV Writing’- GTI Media:

· ‘The Uni Guide’ – The Student Room:

· ‘Goal Setting’ – Anna Freud Centre:

· ‘Build Your Self Management Skills’ – Youth Employment CIC:

Be sure to check out our Resource Spotlight: Part 1 blog if you haven’t already!

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