for students

Whether or not they know what they want their future to be, East’s platform supports students in identifying their future options, as well as the capabilities and character traits they will need to get there.

It allows students to define and work towards academic, extra-curricular and personal goals, and identify the enrichment activities which will help them get there. It puts them in control of their own school experience, giving them a voice to tell teachers how they want to be supported. And it helps monitor their progress against these plans, as well as their broader wellbeing, enjoyment of school activities and motivation to achieve.

Setting a course

Get real time data oversight on students’ personal development plans, concerns, interests and needs at a year, class or individual level. The Aspire platform helps you:

  • Get to know your students better, in their own words and backed up by data

  • Instantly see who needs what help

  • Understand how they are progressing

  • Flag to your SLT when more support is needed

for teachers

More impactful conversations

Through the platform, you can advertise and signpost students to the activities and resources which meet their development needs.

You will get direct feedback on what the students do and don't want, so you can tailor your enrichment and pastoral programmes to be as engaging and effective as possible.

And you will get a clear view on how impactful each activity is on your students’ achievements and wellbeing, allowing you to improve your offering year-on-year. 

for coordinators

Know what is working

for the wider learning network

As our evidence base grows, we are able to build up a picture of student development within and across Academy chains and Local Authorities.  

Even better, we are increasingly understanding what is driving those differences - from individual school programmes to changes in national funding and policies. This allows best practices to be identified, shared and continually improved, allowing us to keep on narrowing the outcomes gap.

Learn from others

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Whether you are a school looking to better support your students, or an organisation who can help us provide every child with great enrichment opportunities, we would love to hear from you

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