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Are you starting to plan your personal development for September 2021?


Our Aspirations programme helps you to ensure your personal development programme is specifically tailored to meet the needs and interests of all of your students, with no student left behind.


We are offering a free trial to 2 secondary schools who want to improve their personal development offering.

Why choose Aspirations for your school?

How does the free trial work?

When you start Aspirations, you'll get: 


Access to our online platform for one year group

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Detailed reports with data showing student needs and interests


Set up of Aspirations including interactive online quizzes


A dedicated team to support you

Eligibility criteria

Schools who wish to be considered must meet the following criteria:​

  • They must have a dedicated personal development lead who will be able to support set up of the programme

  • They must be able to explain why the school will benefit from the Aspirations programme, specifically how it will benefit the students and the local community

  • They must agree to the terms and conditions of signing up for the free trial

  • Applications must be submitted by 2nd July 2021

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