Covid build back, beyond the grades

Helping schools base recovery strategies on students' wellbeing needs and learning gaps beyond academia—in their own words 

There has rightly been a focus on planning academic catch-up for students recently. But what about everything else?

East's Covid build-back programme can help you understand students' needs and help them catch up 'beyond the grades'—including:

  • Wellbeing / pastoral

  • Soft skills

  • Preparing for the future


As well as giving you detailed, student-level insights, we'll help you identify priorities and translate this into an action plan—so you know (and can prove) that your 'catch-up strategy' is based on real student data.

Covid build-back

Schools around the country are preparing to launch catch up programmes for their students, to make up for a year of extreme disruption. Our Covid build-back programme is a data-driven, student-led way to ensure these plans align with students' needs, interests and ambitions—in their own words.

You get...

  • Detailed insights reports outlining needs and interests (split into wellbeing/pastoral, CIAEG,  and Skills and Interests)

  • Support to prioritise these findings and put together a response plan

  • Recommended activities and resources from our wider network—based on what's working well in other schools


Students get...

  • Online 'personal development planner'

    • Students answer 'quizzes' designed to explore interests, identify strengths and aspirations, and check in on wellbeing and support needs

    • Questions have been tailored to current circumstances, to feed into your Covid recovery plans

  • Personalised support recommendations 

    • Based on their chosen priorities, we'll recommend suitable online resources—as well as any relevant school activities you've uploaded

  • a school offer they know is specially for them!


“Aspirations is already changing everything we do. It’s even changing me as a teacher and leader—how I act, how I think—everything.”
Assistant Principal

This Covid build-back offer is a variant of the Aspirations programme, a data-driven approach to personal development that's impactful for students and straightforward for schools and colleges.

Follow the link below to learn more about Aspirations, including the impact it's having on our schools and pricing

Schools using Aspirations this year have learned....


of students have 'low' wellbeing scores, including twice as many girls as boys


of 11-16 y.o. who report as always being hungry aren't eligible for FSM – so weren't on their radar for support


of students want to get better at staying calm, with nearly a quarter saying they are 'not at all' or 'rarely' calm


East's Covid build back programme is essentially free to schools signing up to Aspirations for 2021-22.

The programme is available at a discounted price of £2500 for this year only. If you then choose to continue with Aspirations, we will apply this as a discount to next year's fees*

* 50% of fees discounted, up to £2500

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