• An individual’s potential is no longer limited by availability of information or experiences, rather it is limited by the probability of

    • identifying that there is are specific gaps to bridge to achieve success

    • encountering the right support and opportunities to develop these skills or competencies, and

    • the capability of an individual to process, reflect and develop after the experience

  • It should be possible to improve on all three levers through the right combination of training, coaching and facilitation,  increasing the likelihood of an individual fulfilling their potential, whether they are classified as a child, teenager, service user, client, professional or other.

  • East intends to afford these opportunities to all who wish to develop, through providing a programme, network, and coaching where required

How we do it

Dream it.

Where do you want to get to?

Map, through guided mentoring conversations, the detailed background of a cohort, their aspirations, options for progression, strengths and support needs - where are they now and where do they want to be?

  • Mindset (using the VESPA toolkit)

  • Capabilities (All elements of development)

  • Character (as determined by the school)

This is the data that's used to drive the individual and cohort development priority plans

Plan it.

How do we get there?

Forming plans with each student to ensure they have the best possible chance of success, however that is defined with them. 

This activity happens at individual activity and again at cohort level with the senior team - the School's enrichment plan is produced to target the known priority areas.

Achieve it

Keeping going until it's done.

Ensure that the plan’s progressing, raising the flag when it’s not, or if a student is unhappy with their support

The highlight and risk report from the above is made available at the right time to the right team (support is provided in use of such sensitive information)

Where students are struggling, best practice social care practice informs the individual plan from this point.

Support it

Helping out when it's tough

Setup and maintain consistent contact and frequent feedback with students, as delivering  so many learning plans is complex

Support is made available to students, staff, parents and partners to understand their role in the process, designed with leading Education Psychologists

Mentors are made available to each students, through either their existing networks, or by reaching out to supporting organisations or individuals, with vetting and training in the role

Know it, Share & Improve

Information not just Data

We can also set up or strengthen the processes, systems and infrastructure within the school to most effectively use the information provided, build on effective working relationships with partner organisations, and leverage experts in the relevant fields.

The goal of the approach is not to ‘fix in 12 months’ but to set up to deliver continuously improving support to students.

Get in touch

Whether you are a school looking to better support your students, or an organisation who can help us provide every child with great enrichment opportunities, we would love to hear from you

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